Discover how to finally M.O.V.E. past your old mindset and limited beliefs and M.O.V.E. towards your divine purpose.

A 30-Day Faith Based Series

M.O.V.E.  is a practical guide to self-discovery; it’s a true game-changer for women from all walks of life.  It was created to help us find balance in the midst of the chaos and to help us rely on God while pursuing our dreams. 

M.O.V.E.  teaches us how to strengthen our faith while learning how to set and achieve our goals.  Yes, we must pray as we prepare!

M.O.V.E.  will teach us how to Manage our mindset, Overcome complacency, Validate ourselves and how to help us Establish healthy habits. 

So….if you’ve taken the Ready Set Prioritize course, but would like to dig a little deeper, would like to finally know the answer to those tough questions, would like to shed the layers of insecurity and self-doubt that has held you back, then I challenge you to M.O.V.E.

It’s time to take a stand, it’s time to snatch back your destiny, it’s time to make an investment in you!   M.O.V.E. is more than just another course, it is ammunition!  

You will have an opportunity to admit, confront and conquer sabotaging thoughts, you will come face to face with some self-truths, you will cease needing external validation and much, much more! You will also receive:

  • Unlimited access to a series of “self-paced” webinars that will force you to be honest with yourself.
  •  A 30-day workbook to be completed in conjunction with the webinars.
  • A personal journal and daily devotions to motivate and inspire the giant within you!
  •  On-going access to our private accountability group-coaching sessions


Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m Candice

I'm Candice Simmons, owner and founder of Stiletto Ninjas and I built this community to inspire, motivate, & educate women just like you and me on how to navigate this thing called LIFE. Its time to RECLAIM what matters to you most, finally RELEASE what’s been holding you back and RESTORE your motivation to conquer your goals…..Welcome to M.O.V.E.!

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